Wandering October

I get sad when summer begins to end. September weather is like waiting too long to eat dinner and realizing it’s cold.
Screen Shot 2016-10-11 at 3.23.50 PM.pngI wandered by the Little Egg Harbor Soap company on September 30, relishing the product arrangements from outside, and smelling faint perfumes emanating through the cracked screen door.

The air felt like a cold damp towel, too chilly to go swimming so I went to the arcade, played ski ball for an hour, and gave away my tickets to hopeful children near the prize counter.

I stood courageously on my ocean front balcony with the wind and rain; facing the elements instead of avoiding the cloudy fall beach. I left the balcony door ajar and lounged on my couch, rereading “Sonny’s Blues” between snoozes.

It was good weather for cozying up with cups of green tea or cappuccino. I indulged in Frank and Louie’s Italian Specialties (had been thinking about their Tiny Dancer sandwich and butter cakes since August).

Frank and Louie, characteristically charismatic, remembered me. The curly-haired lady at the counter called me Liz. Frank, always hospitable, gave me an Italian wedding cookie (made by his grandmother) to eat while I was waiting for my eggplant parmesan to heat up in the oven.

Today, amidst pumpkins, apple cider, and my recently picked out Halloween costume (Katy Perry does the campaign trail) I savor the fall weather, which as my niece Gaby pointed out – is beginning to smell like snow.